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Oral Conscious Sedation Testimonials
To Dr. Malli & Staff

Thank you so much for everything! I have had such a fear due to horrible experiences from my childhood. I let my mouth go because the thought of going to the dentist was more painful than the pain in my mouth!! After hearing an ad for sedation dentistry on the Radio I called and spoke w/Rebecca. She put me at ease with that initial call as I made my first appointment.

Since I had let things go for so long there was much work to be done but now I can smile with confidence.

Thanks for giving me my smile back.

Thanks again,
Nicolette S.
I went to Dr. Malli with a pre-existing problem and fear of just going to a new dentist. Dr. Malli immediately made me feel comfortable. Not only with his office but also promised me he could correct the problem and give me the smile I never had. I went with the oral sedation and would highly recommend it for anybody who has anxiety or stress issues going to the Dentist. It was like taking a long nap and waking up to a normal afternoon as if nothing was done. I loved that! Dr. Malli checked on me and made sure all was well and he gives you comfort and attention that gives you security that he cares about how you feel. He was very thorough with explaining and answering all my questions. I am a perfectionist and sometimes have expectations that are not realistic. He actually surpassed that which says a lot about his work. I would sincerely recommend anybody without hesitation to give Dr. Malli and his welcoming staff their dental needs.

I would like to thank the entire staff at Dr. Malli's office for the best Dental experience ever. With the sedation, I don't remember any of the work. It was awesome! Thanks again.

Jennifer C.
I would like to thank Dr. Malli and his staff for literally changing my life. A few years ago, I had a terrible experience with a different dentist and since then I was terrified of even the thought of going to the dentist. I even tried going to another dentist, since the bad experience, but the anxiety that i felt was so overwhelming I would leave the dentist office in tears and not have the dental work done, even though i had a toothache. I thought about my needed dental work constantly and that caused me to have anxiety everyday.

I heard Dr. Malli's advertisement on the radio and I contacted them to make an appointment. They knew that I was in pain so they fit me in that day. That showed me that they truly care about how the patient feels. When I arrived at the dentist office I was so terrified but I felt that this was my last chance to have my much needed dental work done and I was tired of being in pain everyday from a toothache. Dr. Malli and his staff knew that I was very frightened when I got there and they were so nice and understanding and made sure that I was comfortable throughout my entire visit. I had so much work done in one visit and it's still hard to believe that I hardly remember any of it and I felt absolutely no pain or fear. I was so comfortable.

I no longer feel fear of going to the dentist so I don;t have that anxiety anymore. I have so much trust in Dr. Malli and his staff that I now take my 13 year old daughter there also.

Thank you again to all of you for changing my life.

Thank you so much for everything. Every single one of you have touched my life in a very positive way.


Denise B.
For as long as I can remember, going to the Dentist has been a traumatic experience. So much so, that for the past 15 years I have not had any dental work done. Then a friend told me about Dr. Malli and conscious sedation dentistry. Reluctantly, I called for a consultation and exam. Needless to say I needed extensive work. Dr. Malliís solution to my fear and hesitancy seemed too good to be true. But I chose to trust him and have my dental work done. I canít believe how relieved and pleased I am with the results. I was comfortably sedated and the work had been painlessly completed. Dr. Malli and his staff are wonderful. They were informative and kind. It was easy to put myself in their hands. Best of all, Dr. Malli is a great Dentist and my dental appointments are no longer a dreaded thing.

Gloria B.
Tulare, CA
Hi, my name is Andy M. and I would like to say that the experience I encountered with Dr. Jesse Malli and his staff was fantastic. I went through the sedation treatment as well as the standard Novocain treatment and have never been treated as well as with Dr. Malli. Dr. Jesse Malli and his staff are very caring and concerned for your well being in the office as well as after you leave their office. The office called me several times to see how I was doing after my treatment, to me this shows caring and kindness. I would recommend Dr. Jesse Malli and his staff highly.

Andy M.
Dear Dr. Malli,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dentist visits a pleasure and no pain. I recently had the sleep dentistry done and I would recommend this to anyone who has not gone to the dentist due to fear or pain. I have always feared going to the dentist and heard the advertisement on the radio for your office. I called to make an appointment. Your office staff is wonderful to work with.
Please give Dr. Malli a try you will not be disappointed.

Debbie J.
Exeter, CA
To Dr. Jessy Malli & Staff,

I would like to thank the offices of Dr. Jessy Malli for the extraordinary services that were provided to me. I have never had that type of service before. I have always been very leery and scared to go to a dentist with the thought of being hurt and over-charged. I would like to thank you and your staff for all your hard work and dedication to me, and making me feel as if I was more than just a number. I have gone to many offices before and you were the only one who could get the job done where other offices would take over a year. You got it done in a day, without pain and the outcome was amazing.

Sincerely Yours,

Kathy W.
Visalia, CA
Again many Thanks
ďIt is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Malli and his staff to all in the community. My family has been fortunate to have him provide our dental care for approximately 3 years. I have always had a fear of dental work and found Dr. Malli and his staff to be very helpful, easing my fear each time I go in for an appointment. I highly recommend him for anyone requiring sedation or extra care due to fear of dental work. The office staff works with patients, scheduling appointments, billing insurances, etc.
My daughters are 9 and 12 years old and also feel very comfortable being treated by him.

A Happy Patient
Lucy C.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Malli and his staff for the outstanding process of sedation dentistry.

I have been afraid of the dentist since I can remember, and I donít go unless I have no choice and usually end up crying all the way. This time I decided to try Dr. Malli and sedation dentistryÖit was the best decision I have ever made.

Dr. Malli will take the time to learn your fears and talk you through the entire process, no IV, just a pill the night before and some medicine when you get there in the morning. The pill from the night before gave me a full nights sleep and left me relaxed in the morning for the trip to the dentist. I was not stressed at all.
By the time I was done, I didnít even really remember I was there. You can get everything done at once so you donít have to keep coming back.

For all you fellow dental phobics, I would recommend this to you all. I will never fear the dentist again.

Thank you Dr. Malli and Staff. You were GREAT.

Kim S.
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